Mark McNally

Non commissioned officer in Army Special Operations where among other things I was: a psychological warfare team leader, paratrooper, linguist, and co-deployed with green beret teams worldwide.  I later became a skydiver and private pilot and travelled the world extensively. At my first big startup I was a founding exec and helped write the S1, did the road show and took an enterprise software company public in the very heady days of 1999, when we were the third most successful IPO of a very big year ( 1.0 also had a lot of character building for execs like me on the way down ;-)  From that and my previous military experience I realized I had found my calling: small teams, seemingly impossible tasks, limited resources and the importance of vision and leadership.  From there I became a serial entrepreneur… nine startups now, where I’ve been a founder, exec or investor/advisor and I’m hooked.  Some wildly successful, some not so much, many on the right trajectory… and this UBIX rocket ship (!) where we have the best team and most disruptive vision yet. Beyond this career focus, I'm the lucky husband of a beautiful woman way out of my league and two amazing boys.