Rick Lamoreaux

VP Engineering

Rick Lamoreaux has been active in tech startups since the late-90s dotcom boom.  He was a founding developer for a network automation product that started as TrueControl and through a series of acquisitions has ended up as HP Enterprise's Network Automation product.  He also co-founded LetsPour, the one-time largest online Craft Beer retailer.  He joined UBIX as a senior developer and has since taken on the role of VP of Engineering. Rick has served in almost every role in software development, from coding to architect to management.  He is passionate about finding the fastest and best way to solve a problem, and his experience has been almost exclusively with small, massively over-performing teams.  He thrives on the challenge of finding the right path from vision to real-world solution. Outside work, Rick plays ice hockey with his wife, enjoys his gardens and cooking.  He lives in the Seattle area with three French Bulldogs and a flock of chickens. Oh, and Go Hokies!