UBIX allows customers to scale their data science team to deliver far more projects, enhance the capabilities of each data scientist by giving them tools that make their jobs easier, and the ability to publish interactive results so users can answer questions for themselves. The end result is much more rapid time-to-insights which deliver business value - both for the first and for subsequent insights, plus a smart asset that learns how to answer increasingly complex questions autonomously - essentially creating a domain specific 'brain' for your organization.

"Providing faster insights is only the start. UBIX learns from questions asked by your data scientists and users, then the real power kicks in, when it automatically alerts you to patterns, insights and opportunities."

Anthony Howcroft, CEO Swarm Engineering



Let's take a look at some projects UBIX has delivered, to highlight the challenges which can now be tackled, and to show key performance metrics that have been achieved. Each example highlights a different aspect of the impact that UBIX brings, yet in all scenarios we provide users with the ability to interact and consume the insights produced, because UBIX is not simply a tool for scientists, but a way to provide an impactful return to your organisation. 


Maritime Portal

This leading analytics company had streaming data arriving from all petroleum tankers worldwide, with a goal to predict the ships' final destinations, and to allow a broad group of 12 different non-technical roles to answer thousands of spin-off questions, without requiring additional expert support. UBIX delivered.

"We published 50,000 question types, which with parameters is billions of real questions which the users can now answer, without impacting my data science team."


58 days

to deliver initial insights - subsequent insights 11.5x faster than before


Accelerating Genomics

We worked with a leading cancer research facility where researchers are investigating gene mutations and determining if they’re causal to cancer. The research leads to wet lab tests and an ongoing process to drive custom pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, the process to investigate a single gene mutation is cumbersome, time consuming and people based. UBIX was able to automate the data science by collaborating with the researchers, and create a portal where the rest of the faculty could interact with the results. We sped up the process of investigating a single mutation from 18 weeks down to a few days, while researching hundreds of mutations in parallel.  


“It’s hard to create a metric for how much UBIX can help our work. We really couldn’t do this type of work without UBIX, so there is no baseline comparison”



average time improvement across all projects, to find first quality insight


Advanced analytics for day traders

We were asked if it was possible to provide day traders with the types of analytics that large banks and hedge fund traders have access to? This was for a financial organisation with the largest number of day traders in Asia, and the system needed to accept natural language Mandarin inputs. Our answer was yes, with UBIX. The initial pilot was complete in less than two months, containing over 25,000 questions available to day traders (supporting billions more, when you look at the parameters), with answers displayed using advanced visualisations. The system also supported on-the-fly addition of new sources of data, and sentiment-based mining models.

"We were impressed that UBIX could cope with streaming and historical trade, research, and pricing data, and deliver such an advanced service in so short a time-frame"


2.4 years to 15 days

to publish this custom solution based on 24 independent data models