We enhance the power of your data scientists and analysts, to rapidly find business insights that add huge value to your organization.

We make it easy for your experts to share knowledge, in a way that lets a broad community answer additional questions for themselves, leaving the data scientists more time to focus on specialised tasks.

We automatically build a smart asset that learns about your domain every day via the interactions of your experts and users, providing intelligence that evolves with your business. 

"UBIX has transformed the way we build and deploy analytics, reducing time to insights by a factor of 23x" 

John Larson, Head of IHS Analytics

Why is UBIX different from other automation tools?

UBIX blends its powerful set of ground-breaking technologies in order to do one thing: drive consumption of advanced insights throughout the enterprise. Unlike other autonomous systems, UBIX provides an end-to-end capability from data acquisition and predictive modeling, all the way through to consumption. Best of all, UBIX learns from all interactions and can re-apply its learning to new uses cases and adjacent data sets… continually getting smarter and adding more scale.

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