He’ll Discuss Strategies To Improve AI Innovation and Impact

MADISON, WI —UBIX’s Doug Barton will discuss applying AI to sports performance and innovation at the Trek Innovation Summit, September 5 in Madison and on September 13 Doug speaks on barriers to AI adoption at the dedication of Diercks Computational Science Hall @ MSOE in Milwaukee.

The talk, “Living the question — what is perfect?; And other lessons from the toughest test of endurance in the world” is the behind-the-scenes account of applying IoT, AI, medical and fitness innovation to amplify the performance of ultra-cyclist Dave Haase in Race Across America (RAAM). Doug has three times served as the performance director for Team Haase. The team has twice finished second in RAAM. RAAM has been called “the toughest test of endurance in the world” by Outside magazine. It spans 3,100 miles where finishers spend eight to nine sleep-deprived days and nights on the road under conditions both extreme and unpredictable. The Trek Innovation Summit is by invitation only.

Barton will also speak at the grand opening celebration of Diercks Computational Science Hall September 13, 2019, on the topic of “Overcoming Barriers on AI Projects.” Diercks Hall – made possible thanks to a generous $34 million gift from MSOE Regent and alumnus Dr. Dwight Diercks and his wife Dian – positions MSOE at the forefront of artificial intelligence education and next-generation technologies. Other speakers include:

Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA

Glenn Fung Moo, Chief Research Scientist, Director of AI and Machine Learning Research, American Family Insurance

Troy Mahr, Manager of Data, Analytics & Insights Team, Rockwell Automation

Saad Sirohey, Ph.D., General Manager – Global CT Digital and Clinical Applications, GE Healthcare

Jeff Krueger, Director of Systems Engineering, Dedicated Computing

Nithin Ramachandran, Director – Artificial Intelligence and Market Research, Direct Supply

“I’m extremely pleased to be speaking about innovation powered by AI. There is little more important today than making sense out of the rapidly growing amount of data available. Whether that’s data generated in pursuit of the fastest time in a 3,100 time trial cycling race or in serving customers, patients, or leadership in finance, healthcare, and industrial companies we must overcome the barriers to adoption of AI,” said Barton, president of UBIX.AI.

Find more here on the grand opening celebration here.

A global expert in AI, data science, and analytics, Barton has previously served as IBM Watson global executive for cognitive solutions focused on financial services. UBIX is best known for its patents and solutions that apply AI to the end-to-end AI and data science process itself.

“At UBIX, we are working tirelessly to develop software that overcomes the barriers that slow AI adoption and impact whether that’s intelligent data shaping or augmented and autonomous data science,” said Barton, who is responsible for AI-as-a-service products and customer success based on patented AI technology.


A global expert in AI and cognitive solutions, Doug Barton (pictured above) is responsible for AI-as-a-service products and customer success based on patented AI technology.