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One Platform to Rule Them All

UBIX makes Advanced Analytics available to Everyone. We are a cloud-based, open-source Advanced Analytics platform and Managed Services provider designed to manage the end-to-end analytics and machine learning life cycle. Our no-code interfaces and Data Science Factory provide a fully-supported and user-friendly way for clients to solve their most complex analytic problems with less reliance on data scientists.


360° Behavioral Analysis & Modeling

Understanding the complete Customer Journey by Integrating a variety of Data Sources to provide Action & Insight.

Funnels & Conversion Icon

Funnel & Conversion Optimization

Optimizing End-End Funnels & CRO Analysis, Modeling, and Benchmarking based on both Digital and Physical engagements.

Bot Detection

Advanced Bot Detection & Cleansing

27%+ of Web Traffic is from Bad Bots. That’s not counting the Good Ones. Detection & Cleansing allows you to Optimize and targeting Real humans.

Personalization Icon

Omni-Present Personalization & Attribution

Going beyond First-Click and Last-Click Attribution to Optimize All-Channels for Conversion and Mitigate Attrition.

Demand Planning-1

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Intelligently Modeling & Forecasting Demand for greater Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction.

customer intelligence-1

Customer Intelligence

Advanced Intelligence to Model and Executive Solutions that build Deeper  and more Effective Customer Relationships.


Manage and orchestrate data science storage, engines, and libraries.
  • Kubernetes based deployment.
  • Pre-configured drag and drop deployment of simple and complex environments.
  • Advanced monitoring of instances, applications and processes.
  • Manage your cloud instances for all your analytics and AI projects. (4)


Automate data shaping to cleanse, transform, and publish data assets.
  • Open-Source big fast data architecture.
  • Central management of all your enterprise data for analytics and AI.
  • External data feeds can be consumed in combination with enterprise data.
  • Create data shapes leveraging a no code wrangling environment.
  • Solution templates offer a guide to data management focusing the wrangling around a specific goal or outcome. (3)


Author solution types for specific classes of data science challenges.
  • Define end-end workflows to solve specific classes of analytic “Solutions”.
  • Organize Solutions by leveraging “Activities” within the workflow.
  • Customize “Actions” to execute feature engineering, data visualization, model training and selection.
  • Authored workflows create data shape templates within DataSpace.
  • Manage ModelSpace libraries of Solutions, Activities, Actions and Action Types to accelerate new Solution Development. (2)


Configure specific analytic workflows to solve specific analytic challenges.
  • 100% Code-Free Solution Development.
  • Visual interaction layer to capture and interpret data to execute Actions.
  • Interact with end-to-end authored workflows to solve specific analytic problems.
  • Leverage data shapes created within DataSpace.
  • Interact with guided workflows to perform actions for data visualization, data exploration, event discovery, feature engineering, model training and selection. (5)


Analyze and explore data visually without writing code.
  • AI API to empower both visualization applications and automation within existing enterprise systems.
  • Visualize data and model results across the end-to-end analytic workflows.
  • Create dashboards and reports.
  • Publish to the web for enterprise sharing.
  • Leverage model conclusions to drive automation within other enterprise systems or robotic process automation. (7)


Deploy and manage production models.
  • Manage all production analytic assets and models.
  • Monitor performance of each component of infrastructure and application.
  • Automatic workflow to migrate Solutions into Products.
  • Able to pause, activate and archive production assets. (6)

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