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Where Everyone can Leverage AI to Empower their Business.

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Unleashing Insights through Conversational Interactions


Centrally Manage all Enterprise Data for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence


Author Analytic Solutions for specific classes of Business Challenges



Interact with Business Applications & Real-Time Insights


Deploy & Manage Applications & AI Production Models


Manage Cloud Instances Across the Cloud & AI Lifecycle

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Where Everyone can Leverage AI to Empower their Business.

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3 Pillars of AI

If your technology providers aren't held to this standard, everyone loses...

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UBIX is the leader in Cloud-Based AI for Everyday Businesses.


Learn how UBIX is changing the way Organizations use AI.


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Your resource for everything AI and Data Science made easy. We'll take you from beginner to citizen data scientist in record time.

AI for Business People

Learn how UBIX has made AI available to Everyone, especially those in business environments with minimal technical training.

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Your destination for information on new innovation, news about UBIX, and featured articles on remarkable companies doing amazing things with AI.

Unifying Data Silos

Learn how UBIX is unifying Data Silos and Consolidating core systems for businesses around the world.

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Time to geek-out. Dig in here for info on how UBIX is currently being used to solve problems and transform businesses.

Intelligent Account Provisioner

Learn how UBIX has made Cloud-based AI quick and easy to deploy, allowing you access to world-class tech same-day with minimal effort.

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Where everyone can visualize the feature and predict step.

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Where everyone can visualize the feature and predict step.


Data-Driven Decisions Are Vital in Today's Landscape

UBIX empowers best in class data-driven results, offering unparalleled insights and foresight. By leveraging advanced solutions, UBIX can ingest all of your enterprise and 3rd-party data, uncovering priceless patterns and trends. Our capabilities enable organizations of all sizes to make more informed decisions, optimize operations, predict future trends with a higher degree of accuracy, and deploy working AI applications that keep doing the job for you.


Easy Connection to Source Systems and Intelligent Mapping of Data.

Your journey starts with connecting your organization's systems to UBIX for ingestion and mapping of data. With only a few clicks you’ll have realtime and batch data from all your systems flowing into UBIX and ready for you to control. Our process requires no technical expertise and can bring together data from a wide variety systems from across your entire organization.


Quickly leverage existing Data Science and AI Solutions.

Data Science isn't rocket science. It’s easy to apply UBIX’s many Solutions to shape data, integrate third-party & external data, surface insights, describe with visualizations, predict outcomes, and prescribe action. UBIX comes with a huge suite of external data sources to enrich your existing data with greater insights, ranging from weather, to commodities, indexes, supply chain, and more.


Bring Insights and Solutions to life and available to everyone.

AI and Data-driven pursuits don't get far without making them available to everyone. Quickly socialize the use of these advanced tools across your org and from top to bottom with robust dashboarding, process automation, experimentation, real-time collaboration, and the ability to share working models and applications with everyone in your organization.


Take Action on your Solutions with Production-Ready Applications.

Insights are meant to empower action. With UBIX, it takes no technical knowledge to quickly “productionize” entire applications that keep operating without you, solving problems, learning, and making your life easier across broad use cases in IT, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, or Manufacturing. Intelligent monitoring and world-class disaster recovery add peace of mind as you adopt AI applications in your organization.


Make Access to Data and AI tools Easy for Everyone with ChatUBIX.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service is about embracing change for the betterment of everyone in your organization. It may start small, but within the next 3 years, over 63%+ of organizations are expected to have adopted AI organization-wide. With ChatUBIX Conversational AI, users of all walks of life can access data and bring to life advanced analytics outcomes with nothing more than a simple chat query.


"UBIX is an indictment on how big tech firms are telling you to deploy this technology. The promise of Data Science and AI is real, but most companies cant tap into it. Most of the cloud providers have made this easier, but they still don't play nice together.

...We believe there's a better way and set out to create the only No-Code AI platform that’s End-End from source code data all the way through solving models and creating applications. No more waiting 12+ months, you can be operational within a week."

John Burke - Chairman & CEO, UBIX AI

What We Can Do

Everyday Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

Discover AI innovation for everyday business with UBIX—empowering you with simple, powerful tools to transform operations and drive growth.


AI for Business People

UBIX is empowering non-technical users to harness powerful artificial intelligence. Our platform allows anyone, regardless of coding skills, to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and uncover insights with AI. By simplifying the creation and management of AI solutions, UBIX unlock innovation across all levels of an organization, making advanced technology accessible and fostering a culture of creativity and efficiency. 


Unifying Data Silos

UBIX is a game-changer for businesses struggling with data silos and fragmented systems. We enable non-technical users to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources seamlessly. This consolidation improves efficiency, drives better decision-making, and unlocks new insights, all without the need for complex coding. It's a transformative approach that democratizes data access and empowers organizations to harness their full potential.


Intelligent Account Provisioner

UBIX AI intelligent cloud provisioning is transforming business analytics, enabling organizations to set up a fully functional AI analytics cloud in just one day. Users can quickly connect source systems and start generating insights without complex setups or technical expertise. This rapid deployment accelerates the data-to-decision process, empowering businesses to react swiftly to market changes and opportunities. 

The Rise of Intelligent Business

Artificial Intelligence is no longer reserved for large organizations and technical teams: it’s for everyone at organizations of all sizes. UBIX makes Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics available to everyone with a platform designed to make No-Code End-End Advanced Analytics easy to use for everyday people in all organizational departments.


Increased Forecast Accuracy


Accurate Bot Detection


Faster Speed to Insight


Faster Data Storage

Our Leadership

Experience Excellence and Innovation in Data Science



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Frequently Asked Questions

UBIX AI is a no-code, cloud-based AI platform designed for ease of use, enabling same-day deployment and seamless integrations. UBIX is cost-effective, making powerful AI accessible to all, ensuring you can leverage the full potential of AI without the complexity or high costs. Explore our FAQ and Resources to learn more about how UBIX can transform your business operations efficiently and effectively.

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