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UBIX Adds Incorta CEO and Former Alteryx President Scott Jones to Board of Advisors

UBIX Adds Incorta CEO and Former Alteryx President Scott Jones to Board of Advisors

Data analytics industry veteran brings 25-year track record of high-impact success in early-stage, rapid-growth and market-leading public companies.

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.– Friday, March 11, 2022 — UBIX.AI,- the Advanced Analytics for the Intelligent Business company, today announced

 the appointment of Scott Jones to the UBIX Board of Advisors to add industry, go-

to-market strategy, partnering expertis

e and mentorship as UBIX continues its fast growth trajectory to bring Advanced Analytics to every business. UBIX pioneered an entirely no-code analytics platform that empowers business domain roles and analysts with the ability to author and deploy real-world analytic solutions, or leverage existing solutions within their ModelSpace Library which serves as an advanced analytics and data science app store.

Scott Jones is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Incorta, a provider of an all-in-one unified data and analytics platform designed to disrupt the costly, time-consuming, 30-year analytics process by providing anyone in the organization with the ability to unlock the full potential of their data within complex source systems. Scott has more than 25 years of experience in building and managing global go-to-market teams in the enterprise software and marketing services industries, from early-stage and high-growth, to market-leading, public companies. Before Incorta, Scott served as President and Chief Revenue Officer for automated analytics company Alteryx, a company he joined prior to its IPO. He helped build and scale Alteryx from $75M in revenue to more than $450M over four years and the customer base from 2,500 to more than 6,000 companies.

“Scott brings an amazing track record and analytics go-to-market playbook that has been proven throughout his career. UBIX is honored to have Scott as an advisor and mentor to our business and our senior leadership team,” said John Burke, Chairman and CEO of UBIX.

“Having been in leadership roles with data analytic software companies for my entire career, I’m impressed with the commitment of UBIX to bring a complete end-to-end cloud-native, no code advanced analytics and data science platform to businesses of all sizes. This represents the next generation of advanced analytics delivering the power of the open-source data science and machine learning (ML) technologies all within a single platform that removes the reliance on scarce technical resources and empowers business analysts and domain roles to collaborate and solve their own business challenges,” said Scott Jones, CEO of Incorta.

UBIX makes each step of the data analytics process easy with over 250 connectors to core enterprise systems that can be integrated within a few minutes into the DataSpace product. In addition, UBIX offers external third-party data connectors into weather, commodity indices, debt, equities etc. The combination of enterprise data and external data creates a data sandbox that allows business people to solve complex analytic problems leveraging the ModelSpace no-code analytics workflow capability for data cleansing, shaping, machine learning model development, testing and deployment to deliver timely, reliable predictive insights. UBIX can address any number of analytics use cases from the front office to the back office, such as sales pipeline conversion modeling, digital marketing analytics, human resources analytics, predictive default analytics, demand forecasting, input commodity price forecasting, asset monitoring and predictive maintenance, and computational automation removing Excel as a system of record for recurring and complex analysis.

About UBIX
UBIX offers an Advanced Analytics for the Intelligent Business platform that empowers users of all skill levels to develop and deploy open-source, big, fast data architecture and data science pipelines faster and better than ever. Our patented data shaping, and patent-pending automated analytics workflows and learning engine are trained by each input, interaction, and outcome, growing in knowledge and impact over time. Together, we improve productivity, creativity, eliminate errors, support governance, and ultimately accelerate time to value. UBIX is privately funded and based in Orange County, CA. For more information, visit http://www.ubix.ai

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