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UBIX closes acquisition of SourceThought and Adds Chief Product Officer

UBIX closes acquisition of SourceThought and Adds Chief Product Officer

The company adds patented, automated data shaping capabilities. Also, former IBM Watson executive, Doug Barton, joins UBIX Leadership Team.

UBIX, a next-gen analytics company, today announced the acquisition of all intellectual property of SourceThought, Inc. and the appointment of Doug Barton as President and Chief Product Officer. SourceThought addresses the primary bottleneck of getting the right information into the right shape for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Barton will lead the company’s executive team, product strategy, and innovation in the company’s proprietary products which orchestrate open source big data architectures, structure and automate end to end data science pipelines and provide a cognitive learning engine to analyze and learn from the tasks of data science teams to augment past, present, and future projects.

A massive limiter with big data projects is data shaping and preparation. As much as 80% of effort is spent on extracting, transforming, and preparing data. This manual, labor-intensive approach is prohibitive – especially given the massive volumes associated with most big data. What’s more is that key insights are lost from data profiling with each project re-inventing similar approaches. Analyst firm IDC projects that spending on artificial intelligence systems will reach $19.1 billion in 2018, an increase of 54.2% over the amount spent in 2017 with much spent to overcome limitations in dealing with big data challenges. Source Thought data shaping is available immediately and separately from other UBIX capabilities and provides an innovative browser-based visual workspace that allows the analyst to shape data to match the desired structure automatically. Data is ingested into Hadoop in raw form from databases, files or cloud services. It is profiled to analyze its content, structure, and semantics. It is cleansed, integrated and restructured automatically to match the format needed for discovery, analysis, modeling or warehousing. All of this is done without the need for ETL, a database or programming.

“We are excited to close on the acquisition of SourceThought and to have such an experienced industry and product leader join our team,” said John Burke, Chairman and Board Member at UBIX. “Doug adds nearly thirty years of analytics technology and innovation experience. We are thrilled to add his customer and partner focus to address the unprecedented market opportunity.”

“I’m excited to join the UBIX team in addressing the most urgent challenges of scaling enterprise data science innovation and impact. Digital transformation is going to create new challenges and new opportunities, and we must build more data science productivity. Today, the impact depends too much on heroic efforts of data science teams to overcome talent scarcity, fragmented processes, and open source big data tools,” said Barton. “This team is committed to elevating the profession in a way that others haven’t been able.”

About UBIX
UBIX offers a cognitive, unified data science platform that empowers users of all skill levels to develop and deploy open source, big, fast data architecture and data science pipelines faster and better than ever. Our patented data shaping and patent-pending learning engine are trained by each input, interaction, and outcome; growing in knowledge and impact over time. Together, we improve productivity, creativity, eliminate errors, support governance, and ultimately accelerate time to value. UBIX is privately funded and based in Orange County, CA and Chicago, IL. For more information, visit www.ubix.ai.

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