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UBIX and Qualex Consulting Services Announce Partnership

UBIX and Qualex Consulting Services Announce Partnership

Through this partnership, UBIX and QUALEX will develop new joint offerings, expand existing sales channels, and explore service opportunities together—providing customers with solutions to increase ROI, improve efficiency, and innovate like never before. These joint development and expansion initiatives will serve to enable SAS Migration to the UBIX Advanced Analytics Platform, making Analytics pursuits more valuable and empowering SAS users with Python, R, and so much more. UBIX is Excited to announce our Partnership with TD Synnex. Press Release can be found HERE or read below:


Qualex, a highly respected consulting organization renowned for their expertise, today announced a multi-year strategic partnership with UBIX Labs, a leading provider of Advanced Analytics for Business Platform. This collaboration will enable Qualex to empower their customers' analytical capabilities by expanding with the SAS language to UBIX's No-Code Advanced Analytics Platform. This move will not only enhance the value and efficiency of Analytics pursuits, but also enable customers to seamlessly incorporate Python and R into their workflows while still retaining the ability to execute SAS language and models.

Through this partnership, UBIX and QUALEX will develop new joint offerings, expand existing sales channels, and explore service opportunities together—providing customers with solutions to increase ROI, improve efficiency, and innovate like never before. “This new effort will allow companies to better deliver value through a highly reliable and robust information analysis and reporting infrastructures designed for medium and large sized enterprises,” said Clive Pearson, CEO of Qualex. “We recognize that some customers may prefer to explore other alternatives, and we're here to support them through that process. We're committed to providing our customers with the tools and resources they need to succeed, whether that involves using SAS or other advanced analytics solutions.

Our partnership with UBIX allows us to offer our customers a range of options for modern Advanced Analytics infrastructure, including Python and R solutions, via the UBIX Model Library and Marketplace. We're excited to help our customers unlock the full potential of their data, and our collaboration with UBIX is a key part of that effort.”

“Through our relationship with Qualex, more organizations can now leverage the power of Advanced Analytics for both large strategic initiatives as well as in their day-to-day operations,” said John Burke, CEO of UBIX. “By making alternative languages and models such as Python and R available to our customers, we're empowering organizations worldwide to expedite ROI and improve efficiency. We believe that Advanced Analytics is the next frontier in the digital transformation landscape, offering a crucial advantage to businesses seeking to truly understand their customers, increase conversions, maximize profits, and avoid risk. We’re working with some of the world’s largest companies to help them leverage Advanced Analytics and Data Science in a range of industries from Financial Services, Retail and Ecommerce, SaaS, Healthcare, and Energy, to Automotive, Manufacturing and Supply Chain and it’s really exciting to see some of the insight we’ve been able to drive through our partnership with Qualex.”

Together, the partnership will see Qualex incorporate the UBIX Platform into an extended offer across all of their portfolio, and eventually lead to a white labeled AI Services Platform and Marketplace of Solutions powered by UBIX and Qualex.

About Qualex. Qualex is a Certified Minority Woman-Owned leading software solutions and Technology Integrator Company with more than twenty-five years of experience and global presence in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Providing consulting and professional services to Government, Healthcare, Financial, Insurance, Energy, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail, Sports, Cruise Line and Gaming clients.

Qualex strives to create customer value and drive innovation by leveraging the technical expertise of its employees who hold valuable certifications, its expertise in the most relevant and latest technologies, and its deep understanding of multiple business domains. In addition, QLX has also developed business solutions to provide comprehensive software and consulting services that cater to the unique needs of its clients in different industries.

About UBIX Labs. UBIX is an industry leading Advanced Analytics company that enables organizations of all sizes to leverage existing Digital Experience Analytics, Customer Analytics, Web Analytics, ERP and CRM infrastructure, and transactional data with external data to create new insights that drive intelligent action. With UBIX, business users and subject matter experts can quickly and affordably solve challenging analytics problems that are not possible without data science and AI. UBIX handles a wide variety of use cases including intelligent migration, front office, and back-office solutions.

UBIX is privately funded and based in Orange County, CA. For more information, visit http://www.ubixlabs.com.

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