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UBIX’s President To Speak at Industry and Academic Events

UBIX’s President To Speak at Industry and Academic Events

MADISON, WI —UBIX’s Doug Barton will headline the Wisconsin Technology Association‘s first event in 2020 January 16th at Diercks Computational Science Hall @ MSOE in Milwaukee and the Wisconsin School of Business Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch, February 5th in Madison. 

The WTA talk, “Lessons on Innovation from The Toughest Test of Endurance in the World,” is the behind-the-scenes account of applying IoT, AI, medical and fitness innovation to amplify human performance of ultra-cyclist Dave Haase in Race Across America (RAAM). The talk will lay bare the possibilities through an epic example of converging, operationalizing, and scaling disruptive technology for breakthrough performance and cover the three most important lessons: (1) motivating action, (2) loving the questions that technology helps us solve, and (3) where and how to begin. The event is open to the public, and you can RSVP at this link.

Barton will also be presenting at the Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch on February 5th, 2020. The luncheon is a program of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at Wisconsin School of Business and is in its seventh year. The program brings accomplished entrepreneurs to Grainger Hall to share their stories with undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines. 

Barton’s software, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence experience is deeply relevant at a time when we are in the midst of a digital transformation of industries and business processes. The Wisconsin School of Business launched a new MS program in business analytics last fall. At the same time, across campus, the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute began with a mission to perform cutting-edge research in the fundamentals of data science and catalyze the translation of this research into practice. We have much momentum to build on.

“I’m extremely excited to be speaking about innovation powered by the convergence of technologies in digital transformation. There is little more important today than rapidly making sense out of the growing amount of data available and experimenting wisely. Whether that’s data generated in pursuit of the fastest time in a 3,100 time trial cycling race or in serving customers, patients, or leadership in finance, healthcare, and industrial companies. We must overcome the barriers to innovation and effective use of AI,” said Barton, president of UBIX.AI. 

Find more here on the event series here.

A global expert in AI, data science, and analytics, Barton has previously served as IBM Watson global executive for cognitive solutions. UBIX is best known for its patents and solutions that apply AI to the end-to-end AI and data science process itself. 

“At UBIX, we are working tirelessly to help customers overcome the barriers that slow AI adoption and impact. Sometimes, that’s intelligent data shaping. Other times, augmented and autonomous data science,” said Barton, who is responsible for AI-on-demand products and customer success based on patented AI technology.


A global expert in AI and cognitive solutions, Doug Barton (pictured above) is responsible for AI-on-demand products and customer success based on patented AI technology.

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