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Complimentary Webinar

Date:  Thursday, April 7, 2022

Time:  11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

Advanced Forecasting and Automated Payments for Acumatica

Join us to learn how leading companies are using new analytic tools to improve financial and operational forecasting.  In addition, learn how to automate payment collection with an integrated solution for Acumatica.

We will demonstrate the following:

  1. How advanced analytics can:
    • Empower business users and owners
    • Improve financial and operational forecasting
    • Improve demand forecasts by 10-40%
    • Improve input commodity price forecasts by 10-20%
    • Become part of your strategic roadmap
  2. Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid with Credit Card Processing Contracts
    • Early termination fees & long-term contracts
    • Rate negotiation 
    • Liquidated damages
    • Equipment leasing 
    • Grossly overstated savings
    • 24x7 LIVE REAL-TIME support when you need it

We look forward to "seeing" you on April 7th!

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